Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lawrence Media Group? Frequently Asked Questions

Lawrence Media Group is a marketing agency founded by Christian Lawrence. Graduating from UNC Charlotte with a B.S. in Business Administration, Christian has worked for some of the top companies in the United States such as State Farm Corporate, Walt Disney World, Target, and more. With Lawrence Media, you're getting high quality results from a stand-up character in Christian; Very easy to work with and talk to, you won't be disappointed! If you are in or around Matthews, Monroe, or Indian Trail, make sure to check us out!

What do you do to help Grow My Business?

Our marketing agency specializes purely in Facebook Advertising to help grow your business and generate leads. Facebook has over 2.4 Billion users, and is the perfect platform to use, though complicated to understand, to make more money. Lawrence Media Group does this for you, giving you the ability to spend more time with your customers. Because we are local to Matthews, Monroe, and Indian Trail, we have an expert view on the markets.

Are Results Guaranteed?

While we would love to say yes, we can't promise you that you will see an increased sales due to laws and regulations, but we can assure you that we work around the clock to provide the best possible experience for you and your business. 

We CAN promise you that when our project is complete, our marketing agency will have amazing data to share with you. Every business, and niche is different within online marketing. If you are in the area of Matthews, Monroe or Indian Trail, chances of better results are greater with Lawrence Media Group